Sear & Hammer Pins

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    The oversize Sear and Hammer pins are machined from O1 oil hardening drill rod, heat treated to Cr 48-52, centerless ground  to +.0005 tolerance on diameter. The diameter of the sear pin is .112 + .0005 and requires a # 33 Reamer. The diameter of the hammer pin is .158 + .0005 and requires a # 21 Reamer. Also the frame, hammer and sear have to be reamed on most pistols to install the pins. On Series 80 pistols the Trigger Bar Lever & Plunger Lever have to be reamed also. Complete detailed installation instructions are supplied with each set of pins.

PT-3 Oversize Sear and Hammer Pin Set ---------- $ 13.95


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Last modified: November 1, 2014